Launch! October, 2013



Today I am launching a new website and it has been a source of anxiety for me.  I am trying to tell the world about who I am and what I do.  How can I really explain that?  How can I let others know that everyone has healing powers within themselves?  What I do is assist people to heal themselves.  So many people have such strength within and my desire is to help them recognize their strengths and then muster the courage to use it.

Have you ever wondered why some people can manifest their dreams while others just accept the mundane and the status quo?  Can you answer the question “what do you really want”?  Do you have a vision?  Are you worthy of this vision?  Do you deserve it?  Can you launch it now? 

As I have developed my counselling practice over the past few years I have been keeping one foot on solid ground – staying anchored in traditional talk therapy. With my other foot I have been stretching out of my comfort zone immersing into the field of energy psychology.  Bringing the old and the new together has had its challenges. I, like so many people, sometimes become anxious with change …and putting all this on a website and in a blog is nerve wrecking!

What is the underlying message that you need in your life?  Is there an unwritten rule that you adhere to?  Does it help you?  Does it keep you back from taking that risk?  Does it stop you from launching into the life you really want? 

Is it time for me to leave behind the “security” I once knew and embrace the new reality!

The message that I need to remind myself daily is “Keep believing in yourself…”.  I am good enough –  I am where I am meant to be –  I am learning – I am growing –  I am open to what life offers me. 

I choose to live in a place of gratitude.
I am launched. Wish me luck

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