About Diane

A compassionate presence for your journey.

As a therapist, I see myself as someone who genuinely cares about and has compassion for my clients. Journeying with people as they gain insight into their lives for growth and healing to occur is both a privilege and an honour.  I have been told that I create a safe and affirming place where people can let go of blame and judgement and come from a place of acceptance.

The decisions we have made in our lives were initially made to protect ourselves from someone or something.  I believe that we do the best with what we have and what we know.  When we learn more and become more aware we move forward in healthier ways.

Keeping on top of new and different treatment modalities and protocols has always been important to me. My growth as a therapist has grown more within the past 5 years.  There has been so much integration of the traditional left-brain talk therapy/problem-solving with the right-brain emotional, energetic and bodily experiences.

Bessel Van de Kolk wrote in his book “The Body Keeps the Score” that there is no “treatment of choice” for helping people on their healing journey.  No therapist can be familiar with every treatment modality.  There is no one particular way that will work for everybody.  I am very client centered.  I listen intently to my clients to be able to resource the best practice for them.  I used to say that my therapy style was eclectic; now I like to describe my style as integrative.  I believe that clients know what is best for themselves.  I believe that what clients need is already inside of them.  My role as a therapist is to be the catalyst to bring it out.  I believe that what is most important in any therapeutic relationship is trust.



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