How Therapy Can Help

Guidance along the path to wholeness.


You want to love and accept yourself – Many people have difficulty with this. Therapy can help you explore roadblocks to self-esteem and feeling good about yourself and teach you practical ways to make your happiness and wellbeing a priority.

You want to understand your purpose in lifeSome people come to therapy to gain a deeper understanding of self. They want to know why they do what they do, why they feel what they feel and determine how much control they have over those areas.  A desire for this time to self-reflect may mean that you are open to going deeper into your thoughts and feelings, or just sit and “be” for a while. This vital practice has become a forgotten art in our world today.

You want to improve your relationship – Many relationships become practical but they are no longer uplifting and desiring. Couples counselling can help improve the relationship and create ways to return passion and excitement.

You want to be a better parent – Many of us, despite our own objections, revert to parenting patterns we observed in our own  childhood. Therapy can help you get out of this rut and become the parent you want to be and the one your child needs.

You want to let go and forgive – Holding a grudge isn’t a diagnosable condition, but it does have serious physical, emotional, and relational consequences. Through therapy you can learn to resolve these issues for yourself and move on.

You want a place to practice assertiveness, expressing emotion, or anything else – Therapy is a laboratory for you to explore, experiment, and practice behaviors that are scary in the rest of life.  When you’ve tried this out a few times in session, you may be ready to take it out into the world.

You want to resolve a specific issue in your life–May seek therapy to treat the problem and learn healthier ways of coping.


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